In Music Playground, we have a healthy respect for Mother Nature and her bounties. Tal-Qarbuni aims to raise awareness as to what it is we are eating and how to sustain oneself through the Maltese crops. We hope to achieve this through a holistic approach along with all those in our community, offering workshops on Diet, Yoga, Art, Music, Brewing and more. If you are someone who believes in personal growth all while trying to benefit society as a whole, you will surely find reward in what we have to offer.

Progress Report

Tal-Qarbuni – Work Begins

Our tale began as most stories do. Serendipity. Chance would have it that this verdant field would come into our paths and our common ambition is to transform it into something beneficial to our society. An opportunity we owe to the magnanimity of a certain philanthropist by the name of Arthur Agius. Being the eager […]

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Up Coming Events and Workshops

Tal-Qarbuni Team

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