DSC_4945Our tale began as most stories do. Serendipity. Chance would have it that this verdant field would come into our paths and our common ambition is to transform it into something beneficial to our society. An opportunity we owe to the magnanimity of a certain philanthropist by the name of Arthur Agius. Being the eager beavers that we are, the sun barely had time to rise the next morning before our little fellowship rushed to survey the field.

The man behind our madness walked upon it as though what he visualised had already manifested, though honestly we were all guilty of that. That day we mostly cleared the waste that people, somehow blind to its vulgarity, left by the trail. The moment the ground was free of that which marred it, we all took a seat opposite the setting sun and marvelled at our fortune and the beauty of our little island.

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13559194_717056978396620_1475960091229091655_oThe moment I knew I had found my jam, was 6 Earth Garden’s ago at the Roots stage of course. After Nicky Bomba’s performance the Reggae went on. I took off my flip flops in need of connection with the Earth. This music literally moved the muscles in my body, like there was an understanding between the cells in my body and the vibrational frequency being transmitted by the music. It spoke to me, at a time when I wasn’t even sure of who I was. Somewhere between the struggle and the celebration within the music I found a deeper feeling, a deeper meaning to this existence than I had ever experienced before.

The Real beauty of music is how it pops up or sits quietly in the background, how it fits perfectly within the present moment to compose a symphony that infuses magic into the here and now.

So if you don’t know who you are, that’s okay music doesn’t care and neither should you because you get to figure it out and bring out that natural seeker in you. All you have to do is be present with the music and you shall be presented with nothing more and nothing less than what you need. But be careful not to expect because expectations breathe life to limitation.

In music all conditionings that no longer serve us are broken through the infinite possibilities that sound offers the mind body and soul. Music is an awakener

I have always been a lover of music but my whole life with the exception of these past few months being involved with music playground, I lived with the belief that I could not play an instrument. The theory and notes always seemed too far fetched for me to apply but luckily the desire and passion for music had such a hold on me that my hands wouldn’t stray too far before they found themselves banging on a drum.

Once the initial fear of not sounding good or making a fool out of yourself fades away you are left with a field of possibilities of expression. Through my own experience of developing a relationship with the making of music itself, I received a whole new dimensional experience of what it means to just be.

Music’s potential is infinite, and as as you become one with the music you too are infinite potential

Boom Boom Shakti .

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I don’t know what it is about music, but it’s the only non-violent way I’ve found to tame my fire. I have other hobbies of course, I write, I dance with fire and I’ll try anything once, but music has always been there. I can’t remember a time in my life where music wasn’t a big part of my big picture.

When I think about music the analogy with fire come up quite often, referring to both an inner fire and exterior one. On the one hand every musician has a burning passion inside them.

For a musician, just like any other artist, this passion is intertwined with the expression of emotion. This connection has had and continues to have a profound effect on my life which I am glad for. Just as a fire dancer must be comfortable with fire and the possibility of getting burnt, in order to properly express emotion and move people, the musician must be in tune with his/her emotions and comfortable with those that can be profoundly painful.

With regards to the exterior analogy my thoughts are as follows. I remember looking at fire as a young child and not being able to comprehend what it is exactly. It’s not liquid, solid or gas so it’s no form of matter I’m aware of. It’s just energy. Even armed with the knowledge that it’s’ the excess energy being released from some kind of reaction, my mind still struggles to comprehend. I can say exactly the same thing of music. Theoretically we know that music is pressure differences in the air that entice our inner ear. However comprehending that these little pressure changes can move an adult to tears is a whole different ball park, and even though I have been playing music for as long as I can remember being able to talk, it still boggles my mind.

There are days when I wake up and I’m acutely aware that the first thing I experience is a sound. Every evening I’m lulled to sleep by the same thing that wakes me up and in between is a symphony which we compose however we wish to.

Music is the scaffolding upon which I build my reality within the universe and allowing music to play through me allows me to explore this scaffolding in an ecstatic dance. When the music reaches its climax, in those moments I float above the scaffolding only to look down and see that it’s not there.

It’s something I’ve come to realise recently. In Music’s ability to rise out of nothingness it allows the possibility of oneness and totality. A sad song can mean different things to different people. It will trigger different memories and inevitably be a slightly different experience for each individual. This is not because it is none of them, but because it is all of them. This is how it ties everything together. I can allow music to flow in front of one hundred people and evoke one hundred memories.

Julian Cefai

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