A Cleaning Initiative

Malta is very lucky to have a number of local communities and organizations devoted to cleaning up litter and waste. EarthJam is a project by MusicPlayground that aims to collaborate with these groups and help make clean-ups a more attractive and fun opportunity for the people taking part. Our mission is to organize jamming set-ups at clean-up events that promote participation from those taking part in the clean-up, as well as for them to have something to enjoy before and after their clean-up experience. We hope to create a sense of community around protecting our environment through music, which we truly believe to be a universal language.

Clean Power

Our aim is to take care of and clean up our environment as a conscious movement, and have fun doing it!


We are a community of musicians and music lovers so please do feel free to join in and play some music with us at any of our events.

Local Projects

Collaborate with us and we will do all we can with our resources to help make your clean-up bigger, better and more entertaining, in any way we can.

UpComing Events


Manoel Island Clean-Up

Date/Time: 7th May; 09:00

On the 7th May LDI Malta are organizing a clean-up of Manoel Island. A couple of us are joining for the clean-up and taking a carpet and some instruments with us. Join us, bring an instrument and a smile and let’s be part of this awesome initiative!

Do you play an instrument?

We Want You!

Join our team of musicians that go around clean-up to clean-up taking with them music and smiles! Let us know what you play and whether you’re interested and we’ll send you an e-mail any time we are looking to organize a jam at a clean-up. The bigger the musical community, the larger the impact we can have on these initiatives.


Contact us if you are intrested in joining our community or in the services that we offer. we welcome any questions or inquries. Thank you

+356 99920474 (Julian) +356 99259039 (Izaak)


Our Lessons & Workshops Can Be Done Anywhere Locally

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