It’s finally happening and all of us here at MusicPlayground are so excited about this! This year we will be taking part in the EarthGarden 2017 Music Festival by organizing the jamming area.

Bring your instruments and join us! We hope to see you there enjoying the music and enjoying co-creating the music!

Stay tuned on this Website or on our FaceBook Page for more information about collaborating artists, themes and workshops!

Don’t have tickets yet? Check our the EarthGarden Website here before it’s too late!

Workshop Timetable


Surround Sound

Aiden & Julian

Time: 10:00

This production workshop will use sounds from the surroundings to create a track live. Producers and artists are welcome to join to add their own sound to the mix.
The track itself will be made over the weekend so feel free to ask us about progress and to contribute 🙂

Rap Workshop

Jordan Bartolo

Time: 11:00

A talented young Maltese rapper Jordan Bartolo, a.k.a Pheonix, will be giving a short workshop on the art of rap, from fun rhyming games to building a verse, try something new, Who knows, there might be a rapper inside you.


Morning Yoga to Music

Nadine, Martin, Asena and Julian

Time: 08:30

Start your day the right way with Yoga to the sounds of singing bowls, flute and didgeridoo! A sound-body experience no to be missed!

Mindfulness and Music

Wayne and Julian

Time: 10:00

Mindfulness is an important part of our lives. It changes how we act in stressful situations and how we interact with others when building and nurturing relationships. Join Wayne Caruana and Julian Cefai on a journey into mindfulness and awareness and how music can help us on this journey.


Clint Mifsud

Time: 12:00

The didgeridoo is an ancient aboriginal instrument. It’s simplicity is deceiving and has a deep sound that offers musical freedom and connection. Clint Mifsud has years of experience and takes anyone listening on a journey. He will be helping anyone interested in trying this instrument out and will be jamming with us afterwards!


Guided Meditation

Wayne, Martin, Asena and Julian

Time: 08:00

Join us on Sunday Morning for a meditation to music guided by Wayne Caruana. Start your day centered and have the feeling follow throughout the day! The meditation will again be accompanied by some other worldly music including singing bowls, flutes and didgeridoo.

Music Story Telling

George, Martin and Asena

Time: 09:00

Music accompanies the voice of George Vella Bardon who will be reading us both original and classical stories giving us a break from the mundane and taking us on a journey. The scene will be set by the soothing sounds of Martin’s flutes and Asnea’s singing bowls.

The Maltese Reed Flute

George Cassar

Time: 10:00

George Cassar takes us through the process of creating the traditional Maltese reed flute, the Zummara. We will be making 10 of them during the workshop so book your place by e-mailing musicplayground.mt@gmail.com

Confirmed Artists


Wayne Caruana is a musician that teaches the art of Mindfullness. Besides giving a workshop and leading a meditation, Wayne will be Jamming with us on Saturday. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear his voice that sounds as ancient as the trees and as uplifting as can be.


Aiden has been a music producer for years. Besides teaching and producing he is also amazing on percussion and carries around with him an interesting piece of equipments called a Happi Drum. Join him to have a chance to experience its sound. He will also be giving a workshop on friday and producing a song together with people from the community using sounds made at the Jamming Area!


A true inspiration. This multi-instrumentalist is a magician on the guitar, harmonium and percussions with a voice to blow you away. He’ll be roaming in and out of the jamming area bringing joy with him whenever he does. He’ll also be performing during the closing ceremony at the why not healing area so keep an eye out!


Kapitlu tlettax, a well known local artist group with a strong foundation in Maltese hip hop! Their interest is to create a style of hip hop that is a little rebellious and slightly satirical. There are still those moments though, when they add a touch of their sentimental element,  touching the hearts of everyone.


The singing bowls emit a tone that pierces right through to your core. It’s not easy to ride the wave and keep the tone as pure as can be, but Asena can surf the sound with the best of them. Join her as she shares her talents during our morning practices and in the jamming area. A trained sound healer she will surely provide music especially for the soul.


Another part of our ukelele family! This Catalan is always wearing a smile, and a ukelele. She’ll definitely make you laugh and is simply a ton of fun. Keep an eye out for her especially when in the company of other ukelele artists. She also has an interesting instrument called a GuitaLele, who knows, maybe we’ll get to experience that too! 🙂


Fishcult is a local music label founded some years ago and were initially known as Progressi Lesti. Currently they have projects with upcoming artists in different genres.Their aim is to make music which can be enjoyed. New to the scene, talented and fun and they look forward to perform alongside other artists at Earth Garden together with the Music Playground Community.


The Maltese version of the pied piper, his melodious meditational flute playing will be accompanying us during our Saturday and Sunday morning yoga and meditation as well as throughout the weekend during jamming. Do not be fooled however, he has a treasure chest (literally) of mysterious instruments from all over, including a shruti box. He might even pick up a didgeridoo once or twice if we play our cards right!


“I express all that’s in my soul through music. That smile, that vibe and the unique feeling it transmits is unexplained and can’t be obtained by anything else other than Music.”


CJay Cordina is a local hip-hop artist and rapper. He is known for his deep, moving words and really brings out the relationship between rap and poetry as lyrical mastery. He recently released his first mixtape which we HIGHLY recommend. He also forms part of a group we have been connected to from our birth, soul movement 🙂

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