Music Playground

A Concious Community

We are MusicPlayground, an organization and platform that aims to promote musical awareness on a local and international level. Our goal is more than just to educate and give tuition to students, We aim to influence the culture around us through the exploration and expression of music in a safe environment. All while raising awareness in our community, particularly for musicians and students to learn and grow consciously.

Musical Tuition

Choose a teacher from our colourful portfolio of music tutors that suits your musical taste and interest.


Workshops Our workshops are designed to teach you all you need to know to understand the universal language of music in a more creative and fun way.

Social Calendar

Join us and be part of our community. Follow us on our calendar to see events, projects, workshops and everything that we have organized.

Local Projects

Join us on our projects with local artists to benefit the society around us. Meanwhile working to raise awareness of a better lifestyle.

Our Culture

Contribute and become part of our growing culture and make the most of all that we offer as a conscious business on a mission.

Our Culture

Our intelligent systems, and conscious business values showcase who we are and what we stand for. Everyone who forms a part of our community works together to provide the best they can offer. Compassion, authenticity, and communication are key values for us and we believe this reflects in what we do.

Music is our life



Benefit from a modern way of learning and playing music. We bring systems to help get you to the next stage in your musical journey.



A place where you will learn all the necessary steps and traditional concepts from classical to contemporary, electronic and more but with a twist.



This is our chance to do what we love and do it right. Emphasizing on our cultural values & communications, So if you're interested in anything we offer, just tell us what you need.



With our technology and intelligent systems, we make our services more accessible and advanced



Our methods and education systems are as authentic as it gets, making it easier and more fun with lots of room for creativity and innovation.

What we do

In a nutshell, we organize musical workshops and projects that can better our society in some way. We are joined by teachers from all kinds of experiences and different backgrounds who available in our portfolio. Being part of the community will give you the chance to collaborate and work on projects that will be showcased in an effort to make music big enough to be part of our culture. Joining us is not only about learning an instrument, and it is not just learning music for grades and certificates. It's about setting out on a journey of connection with the music all around us, and inside us all. Theoretical, philosophical and practical aspects of music will all be tackled in a holistic way to ensure students really and truly learn not just how to play an instrument, but also about the underlying current of music and how it can effect the world around us.


Become your own inspiration and learn how to be more creative with the musical proċesses we teach you.


Looking to go a step further musically or learn something new? Check out our Workshops Page.

Community Based

We're a community that organizes events, projects and gatherings for jamming & sharing sessions to learn, teach & inspire.

Conscious Business

We value the community, it's culture and our communication. We offer a fair service for the right reasons.


Contact us if you are intrested in joining our community or in the services that we offer. we welcome any questions or inquries. Thank you

+356 99920474 (Julian) +356 99259039 (Izaak)

Our Lessons & Workshops Can Be Done Anywhere Locally

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